Information for kids who want to be writers

Information for kids who want to be writers

There is a wonderful book available for young people who want to know more about becoming published authors. It is full of helpful information, from stories of other children who have been published, through examples of how to prepare and send manuscripts to publishers. It has lists of publishers that accept stories from children, including how to submit to them, and also lists of contests (and rules) that children can enter. I highly recommend it! The book is “The Young Writer's Guide to Getting Published" by Kathy Henderson. ISBN 1-5829-7057-2

Another great book for kids who want to be writers is “Look at My Book” by Loreen Leedy. This book takes young writers through the entire process of creating a book, from getting an idea, researching, through creating characters, plotting an interesting story, writing the book, doing illustrations for the book, how to revise, format and layout the book, and it even tells how to bind their own book. Although it’s “supposedly” recommended for Kindergarten through 3rd Grades, even adults will learn things from this wonderful, easy-to-read picture book. ISBN 0-8234-1590-2

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Check out the “America Writes for Kids” website for homework help, to find out about your favorite author, and much, much more