School Visits

School Visits

Prices range from $300 to $750 per day, depending on the number of children and the number and type of presentations desired.  Some workshop classes can be included in the school visit price. (Tell Verla what your school budget is if you can’t afford the listed price. She may be able to work within your school budget.)

Add food, lodging and travel to the school visit price.

Powerpoint presentations are preferred for assemblies, but are not necessary for smaller groups, such as classrooms.

Verla’s preferred age groups for school presentations is K through 6. She presents in street clothes for older grades and focuses mainly on how to write for those ages.

Some presentations available are:

Meet the Author (small groups of ten or less)

What is an Author? (how authors work, get their ideas, revise, etc.)

Writing non-fiction (how to research, making non-fiction fun, etc.)

Writing Exercises (individual classroom presentations only)

Personalized presentations can be developed for your school when desired (at no extra cost)

Contact Verla Kay about a school visit.