Workshop Classes

Workshop Classes

Prices are $100 per session, but a “package deal” is usually  negotiated - especially when workshop classes are combined with a school visit or conference event. 

Add travel, lodging and food to the price ONLY if workshop classes are NOT combined with a school visit or conference event. 

Workshop classes available are:

Talk with the Author (Q & A sessions where attendees can “pick Verla’s brain”)

Brainstorm Sessions (writers brainstorm their own ideas within the group with Verla guiding them to the best ideas)

Non-fiction (how to research & keep track of research, writing bibliographies, making non-fiction fun, how to market non-fiction)

Writing Exercises (learning good rhyming techniques, making words sing, good picture book texts)

Writing Good Picture Books (how to pick and develop the best ideas for picture books)

Personalized presentations (developed for your event at no extra cost)

Contact Verla Kay about her workshop classes.